Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Meatball Head

is his daddy's favorite nickname for him. Sometimes, it's just plain meatball. Is it any wonder?
This is where Linus spent the majority of our zoo trip this past Saturday. In the back of the double stroller. That is except for when I did my super-fancy-nurse-him-while-standing-in-the-midst-of-a-big-crowd-looking-at-the-hippo move.
He wasn't in the stroller then. I never really saw the hippo.
Who knew what was brewing in his little body?
After a few days of a cough and such, my poor buddy started with a fever on Monday night and then wheezing yesterday morning. I brought him in to be seen yesterday and he was diagnosed with pneumonia. Fortunately, the doctor thinks we caught it just as it started. So hopefully, the antibiotic and our old friend, the nebulizer, will help keep that nasty pneumonia under wraps. Not such a happy 11-month birthday, Buddy.
The upside? I got to find out that Linus weighs 20lbs. 4 oz. Woopwoop! Know what that means? After he turns one,on August 29th, we'll legally be able to turn his car seat around! I've never been able to do that before so close to a first birthday before. Especially mine.
Hope all are well,


chrissie k said...

we have a trusted ole friend named nebulizer too. isaac will always need one, i think. theo has escaped it and well, i'm sure we'll find out soon enough about norah.

Sweet November said...

Did you go to the National Zoo? Got any full pics of the double stroller? Still trying to figure out if we'll need one. That stinks that Linus isn't feeling well. I'm sick too and I got Dylan sick now. Fun. I thought this wasn't suppose to happen in the summer, or when you're pregnant?

Mrs. Fix said...

Ummmm... I think we are to blame for that cold. Or at least we caught the same one at VBS... Sigh.