Saturday, July 05, 2008

So, What Did Your Husband Do Today?

Since I didn't get to post on Father's Day (we were traveling) or on our 8th anniversary (we were away), I've decided it's time to have a Brag on Duncan post. Since, he is, after all, the most wonderful man in the world.

Duncan and I recently had a conversation about how he would encourage Amelie and Violet to marry men that had lived on their own for at least a year. And, obviously, he would encourage Linus to live on his own before he got married. Based on Duncan's experience, he feels that it's important that a man gain some basic life skills, ie. cooking, before he begins to co-habitate with the woman of his dreams.
Duncan spent the first two years out of college working in Cleveland and living with his father and step-mother. Not exactly living on his own. We started dating during this time. About the time we started dating, Duncan decided to sign on for three years with the CCO. He was placed in a position working for Advent Associates in State College, PA. He spent half his time there and half of his time ministering to students at Penn State. He lived with a friend. On his own. For the first time ever.
Being that his budget was limited, one of his first purchases was Mark Bittman's How to Cook Everything.
And friends, I am still reaping the benefits.
I'm not going to say that Duncan was completely inept in the kitchen when he moved in with Skelly, but Mr. Bittman taught him a lot.
To begin with, he learned how to make bread. In the early years of our marriage, Duncan made all of our bread. When the kiddos, came along, 1-2-3, not so much. But as I may have alluded to, since life under our roof is equalizing; with an almost one year old (!) and his big sisters, things are returning to "normal." In addition to our switch to most things organic, less processed food, etc., Duncan has awoken his inner baker. For several months, we've been eating only his bread. I'll fill in with the occasional bread machine loaf, but he's been baking up a storm since February or so. So good. This is the fruits of today's labor:

Alas, the Bittman book rests on our cookbook shelf. But not for long! I would say I refer to it at least weekly. While the attitude can be a bit snooty at times, I would say it's extremely helpful on everything from how to cook different meats to cooking beans. For example, did you know that you DO NOT need to soak dried beans over night in order to cook them? It won't hurt them, but it's not necessary. You do, however, need to add water several times while cooking them, so they don't get dried out and burn to the bottom of the pot. Thanks for the tip, Mark!

So there you go. My husband bakes bread, among all of his many other talents. He does dishes too. Eat your hearts out, ladies!


Lynn said...

My sweet hubby has MANY talents, and he lived on his own for several years before we were married....but somehow he still didn't pick up on the cooking thing. The blessing is he eats ANYTHING I make and helps with the clean up....oh, and I like to cook, so it works.

Way to go Duncan...and welcome to Facebook!!!

Anonymous said...

so-- if you guys haven't tied the knot on facebook yet, is he available? You're making him sound like a good catch. I've always thought I could put a second husband to good use.

Of course I am joking. Although a second set of hands would be helpful, can we all agree? :-)

--chris f

CA Skellys said...

You're welcome Nancy. It's nice to know you appreciate all the hard work I had to put into Duncan to make him ready for you... sorry I wasn't able to get him to pick up after himself better :)