Tuesday, September 27, 2005

When One Door Closes, A Mommy Learns Her Lessons

By far, my scariest "Mommy Moment" yet in my 19 months of mommyhood. Yesterday, upon arriving home from the grocery store, I deviated from the routine and left the driver's side door open. After releasing her from the confines of the carseat, my 19-month old little girl and I proceeded to unload the trunk and walk toward the house. (She had the important job of carrying the box of waxed paper.) She became fascinated with the open door and did not continue, as I did. I turned around and saw her there, in the jaws of open door, investigating things. Did I mention our driveway is on a slant? As I neared the house, thoughts of terror raced through my mind, as I imagined her cute little head being squished by a closing car door. I dropped the bags and proceeded to slowly walk toward the scene, so as to not cause her to make any sudden movements. All the while, I chanted, "Lord, please keep her safe. Lord, please keep her safe. Lord, please ke..." As I was just a foot or so too far away to stop it, the door did close, knocking her 23 pounds down and wedging her little head between the door and the frame of the car. She howled and I removed her, apologizing and examining her for any major damage. Fortunately, the Lord did keep her safe and she doesn't even have a bruise to show for the whole ordeal. My husband arrived home shortly after and I relayed the whole story to him. As I obsessed about how scared I was, later on in the evening,he stated that God makes out bodies wonderfully...so as to be able withstand a closing door of a car even. I am also reminded, once again, that my child's life is not in my hands. I cannot keep her safe from all harm, but I can trust in the One that is able. Praise Jehovah!

Do I Really Have Time For This?

I doubt it. But, at my husband's encouragement, I'll start and see how it goes. I've been reading other people's blogs for about six months or so and have been intrigued by the idea. Not that anyone will read this (doesn't everyone say that?), but perhaps this will help me express my thoughts, ideas, experiences, etc. in a more organized fashion. So, here goes nothing. (much, at least)