Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy Father's Day: Game Three With Linus

Linus was so excited when he learned he was going to the "Play Ball" with Daddy. He could hardly contain himself! He got all dressed in his baseball outfit and baseball hat--ready for the game!

Linus was quite enthralled with the atmosphere at the stadium.
He loved seeing "Gooey" from afar.
Of course, he got some ice cream and a ride on the merry-go-round.
A bonus was to run into Rainbow and Bopbop! (What he's calling my parents these days.) He was so sleepy by that point, having spent the day at the zoo, he and Daddy headed home. He arrived very happy and ready for bed. He may just be a baseball fan in training.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

He Couldn't Stay Away Forever!

Duncan's blogging again. Check him out!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Patrick Love

In general, Amelie has always liked men...prefers grandpas over grandmas, uncles over aunts, dads over moms--you get the picture. And Patrick is the one she prefers over all others. Since he left today to head back to school, I thought it was a good time to share about him.
Patrick is the oldest boy cousin on my side of the family. He jokingly has been called The Cousin God over the years, in that many of the younger cousins look up to him. After our recent family vacation, Duncan and I had a discussion about how well all of the older cousins relate to the younger ones. Our theory is that it's because of how Patrick and his older sister, Erin, set the precedent. They have always been so good with those younger than them. (Ok, Megs, here is your chance to chime in with how so not good they've been with their little sister=).) We think because of their good example, and because the cousins down the line have been treated so well by the olders, the younger cousins, in turn, relate well with those littler than they are. They are patient and kind and will play with our kids until the cows come home. They'll color, cook, wrestle, play pretend, do a craft, play a game or read a book with our kids to the point that all Duncan and I needed to do during vacation was make sure Linus' poopy diapers were changed (none of them will do that!) and to make sure that they got to bed at a decent hour.
All this to say that our kiddos love all of their older cousins, on both sides of the family.

But Amelie and Patrick have something special going on.

Here is where Amelie and Patrick met back in 2004. He was 14 and she was 2 days.

last Spring in the Annapolis Mall food court

last November in Morgantown

Woodburn Circle

Gingerbread Houses 2008--he's such a good sport!

story telling in the fort earlier this summer
playing air hockey

waiting for paintball

mauling the computer

and some more

story time with "party hats" this past Tuesday

To watch Amelie run across our front lawn waving as Patrick drove out of sight while he waved back at her tugged at my heart a bit. I was immediately asked when we would be visiting Patrick "at his house" (also known as the apartment he's sharing with friends). Methinks we'd better get to planning.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Way Back Machine: The Wiggles Live!

One year ago, today, we went to see the Wiggles in concert with our dear freighbors. How do I remember the exact date, you wonder? Because for months leading up to the glorious event, we talked about the seeing the Wiggles on August 20th. Itty-bitty-not-quite-two-and-a-half Violet would spout off that date like she was an expert of the Julian calendar. We left Linus behind with Grandma and Grandpa and trotted off to the Patriot Center for some Wiggly fun. I never posted these a year ago. Please allow me to travel back in time for un momentito.

Amelie, just 36 hours after her diagnosis of pneumonia, was given Motrin so as not to miss the much-anticipated Wiggles. We had bagels for dinner at a Panera near the concert venue.

Here's our group, minus the photographer.

Amelie patiently awaits the beginning of the concert while Violet clings for dear life to Daddy.

Little Lulu

Amelie is getting excited! Violet is still nervous!

Amelie and Willie are REALLY ready!

So excited they can't even stand it!

Benny the Clown!


Wags, Sam, and Henry
Murray and a banana

Dorothy the Music Box Dancer

We finished off the evening with a stop at Dairy Queen. Even though Violet spent most of the concert buried in her Daddy's neck, she still talks about it. We've watched hours of the Wiggles since then. Thank you, Lord, for the Netflix Watch Instantly feature that's also connected to Tivo. We're so technologically spoiled!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Happy Father's Day: Game Two With Violet

Last week, it was Violet's turn to celebrate Father's Day with her Daddy! No crazy mustaches this time, just Daddy and ViVi.

Linus isn't in the above picture because he was weeping and gnashing his teeth since it wasn't yet his turn for baseball fun.
Violet could hardly contain herself with excitement. Upon finding out that it was her night for the Baysox, she asked, after every bite of dinner, if it was time to go yet.
Yes, I know she needs a haircut. She's getting one tomorrow!

Italian ice not in a mini-helmet. (She was asked multiple times if she wanted it in a helmet, like Amelie had had, and she insisted that she didn't--funny kid!)

obligatory Sprite

a peanut=)

Cracker Jacks!

moon bounce

And her first-ever carousel ride!

And our sweet ViVi can always be counted upon to make it known when she wants to go to sleep. The game, which started at 7:05, was in its third inning at nearly 9:00! By that time, Violet had enough baseball fun for one night and declared she was sleepy. Not even sure she got to hear the age-old song, but no matter. For one glorious, up-past-bedtime evening, Violet lived Take Me Out To The Ballgame!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Should I Become Marketing Director?

And what does one do at Canaan Valley Resort State Park in Davis, WV?

Well, there's...


early morning hikes

examining of the flora

picking wildflowers

playing wiffle ball

playing soccer

riding bikes

And, of course, there's the whole basking-in-the-attention-of-nine-older-cousins thing.
And that's just on the first day!
So, whatdaya think? Sound appealing?

Sunday, August 09, 2009

How Six Became Twenty-two

We just returned from our fabulous, biennial trip to Canaan Valley Resort State Park in Davis, West Virginia with my side of the family. Two years ago, we weren't able to attend because of a little trouble-maker. He was sure glad to be there this time, however--he and the rest of his family! One of the many wonderful things about the week were the many pictures that were taken. Lots and lots of pictures.

Just for fun, thought I'd share a little magical math problem using some of these pictures.

You take a family of six and...

Turn it into twenty-two!
So, my sister, Karen, married Dan and had Erin, Patrick, and Megan.

Then my sister, Kathy, married Charlie and they had Allison, Matthew, and Sarah.

And my brother Eddie? Well, he married Darcy and they have three boys: Derek, Austin, and Jack.

And of course, as most of you already know, I married Duncan and we had Amelie, Violet, and Linus.

Did you catch that? The four of us kids each got married (4+4=8) and we all had three children. (4x3)+8=20.

And the last two?
Well, that would be Grandma Barb and Grandpa Ed, of course!
They started it all on December 8, 1962--nearly 47 years ago!
We're all so thankful!

Oh, and this little vacation we just finished? Well, it's the impetus for many posts that are a'comin'. So, make sure to stay tuned!