Monday, August 29, 2011

Linus Victory Turns Four

It's hard to believe, that four years ago, on this day, I experienced the most terrifying day of my life thus far.  It wasn't tragic and the outcome has been wonderful.  But I must say that I am honestly not "over" that day.  Hence, unless the Lord wills otherwise, Linus is our number LAST child.  

And we are so thankful that the Lord has blessed us beyond measure, with a boy who is
...and handsome...
...and strong...
...and daring, even when he's scared.
Did I mention silly?
Or handsome?  And growing!

I know many of you that are reading this, walked and prayed through that experience with us.  And for that I am so grateful.  I know even more of you know and love our little boy nearly as much as his momma and daddy.  For those who'd like, I've included the links to the story of my pregnancy with and delivery of our sweet, sweet Linus Victory.

Happy Fourth Birthday, sweet boy!  We love you SO much and look forward to watching you grow and learn and develop into the man that God wants you to be!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dear Blog,

 I do really love you.  It's true.  And I desire to update you on a regular basis.  But obviously, it's just not happening.  You see, the truth is that I've become keenly aware of the fact that there are only 24 hours in a day.  And I have to be careful about how I use them.  And there are these three little people (and their daddy) that are a priority for me.  

I'd much rather spend time with them doing things like this...

...and this.

And watch them play follow the leader...

...and enjoy people movers.

I'd rather eat really expensive, fancy desserts, like Napoleons and eclairs, with them at the Pavilion Cafe

while I drink coffee, of course.

I'd rather see them enjoy watching (and almost fall) into fountains...

...and be outside when the sky looks like this...

...and pretend to be tigers...

...and learn about mammals.

O.K. so I'd rather not experience any more earthquakes with them, while exploring DC, or anywhere, for that matter.  But I was glad we were together for the experience, that's for sure!

I'd rather see helicopters circling the Washington Monument with them, though.  That part was cool.
So you see, bloggy, my dear, you've been dropped waaaaaaaay down to the bottom of the priority list.  (As if you didn't already know.)  I'd much rather live life and make memories than document every last detail. 
And I love my family more than you. 
I said it.  
I will update you, when inspired to do so and when there is time.  And I WILL NOT feel guilty for neglecting you.  It won't matter much to me, in 11 or so years, when Amelie turns 18, that you've been neglected.  It would matter, however, if she or Violet or Linus had lacked attention from me, because of you.  I've learned this lesson the hard way and I'm just trying to be honest here.  So, I'll see you around, Tulipa Murillo. 

Friday, June 17, 2011

Edited**: What is another way to say...

347,133,600 seconds?
5,785,560 minutes?
96,426 hours?
4,019 days?
574 weeks?
132 months?
That'd be 11 years.  
11 years of being married to the man of my dreams.  
Sure, there here have been challenges and bumps along the way.  But there has been far more love and laughter, for which I am ever so grateful.
It's been, by far, the best 347,133,600 seconds of my life.  
And here's to millions more...

** Rachel included at tad bit of self-promotion asked a great question in her comment: 
"Where'd you get those awesome charms?!?!"
Great question, Rachel!  
I meant to include that tidbit of info in my original post, so I'll add it now.  My good friend, Rachel, is a Stella and Dot stylist.  And I bought these adorable little charms from her a few months back.  I LOVE them!  Stella and Dot has some beautiful pieces!  And fortunately, for our anniversary, Duncan gave me a gift certificate for Stella and Dot, so I can buy MORE beautiful jewelry from Rachel!!  You see, Duncan often looks to the list of traditional and modern anniversary gifts to decide what to get me.  He says it's because he's not creative.  But I think it proves him to be very creative.  And the eleventh anniversary happens to be steel or costume jewelery.  Hence the gift certificate for Stella and Dot!  (He said he thought I'd like that better than one to Claire's.  I think he's right.)  So, why not check out Rachel's site?  She's awesome.  (How was that, Rachel=P?)

Wednesday, June 08, 2011


When I Googled "plattor," all of the search results were in Swedish.  When I tried "plattor swedish pancakes," the first result was an online recipe that my cousin had created.  Does Google know that she's my cousin?  Or are my family members the only ones that call these tasty treats by this name?  Lorna's recipe is the same one I use.  We have these about once a month.  And on a recent occasion, Amelie learned how to make them.  Hot stove, cast iron, and all!  She's such a big girl, I can hardly even stand it. 
And as with most things fine motor, she was an instant expert.
Oh, and where have I been since March, when I last posted?  I've been living life.  That's where.  And now that school is out and life is a tad slower, I hope to catch up a bit here, in the next month or so.  Unless life gets in the way, that is.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Violet Turns Five!!

The focal point of any birthday, around here, is The Cake.  Each person gets to choose what they want on their cake.  And then Mommy does her best to accommodate any and all requests.  It is often a topic of conversation for months prior on one's birthday.  In fact, it's not unusual to discuss what you want on your cake, next year, the day after your most recent birthday.  
Consequently, the night before any birthday involves much preparation.  Here's a bit of what the scene may look like: 

Each cake also includes the name and age of the birthday girl or boy.  I got a bit carried away with this one (since the requests were numerous..."a garden and a fence and the sky and a sun and some clouds..." get the picture) so I had to be creative. 

The other tradition is presents on the couch when you wake up.  I grew up with this and I love it.  Kind of like your very own Christmas morning.
Cake inspection usually happens first thing.  This one met with approval, I fairly certain.
Since this was a school morning for Amelie, we were a bit pressed for time.
But Violet managed to open all of her gifts.

Violet's birthday was on a Wednesday this year.  On Wednesdays, I do morning carpool and stay for Amelie's cello lesson.  Violet nearly always comes along, but it's not her favorite time of the week.  So, very kindly, our frieghbors invited Violet over to play (which allowed her to stay at home a little extra, while Daddy got ready for work, when she could play with her new stuff).  Then she got to play with her good friend, Lucy.  After cello, Linus had a Playmobil playdate with his buddy, Rock, which lasted through lunch.  So Violet and I got to have lunch out and head to her ballet class.  After ballet, we picked up Linus and headed home for a nap.  A nap?  On her fifth birthday?  Yup.  Violet is my sleepy one.  And, as she protested, I reminded her that she didn't want to be a grumpy birthday girl at her birthday dinner.  She conceded, but sticking her thumb into her mouth.

The garden cake. 

Birthday dinner involved Aunt Carol, and Bowie Grandma and Grandpa coming over.  Violet chose "chicken"(steak), noodles and cut up veggies for her birthday dinner.
Grandpa and Linus
Linus, Grandma, and Amelie
Aunt Carol and Violet
Approval, yes?
Happy Birthday, Sweet Violet Ella!
We love you and, Lord willing, look forward to many, many, many more birthdays!!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Violet's Garden Party

Back at the end of January, Violet celebrated her upcoming fifth birthday with a few friends.  She wanted a reprise of her first birthday, with a garden theme.  So a (very simple) garden party is what she got!  
To begin, Violet and her guests decorated styrofoam cups flower pots that had been previously personalized.

After they were decorated, we planted three kidney beans in each, so each party guest could experience a growing beanstalk over the coming weeks.

Violet, the fruititarian, snuck some strawberries before it was time to eat.  Being that it was her birthday and all, I let her.

We played "Pin the Bumble Bee on the Flower."  Amelie, Violet and Linus decorated the flower themselves.

Bet you never would have guessed.

Time to eat!  Pizza (thanks to Papa Johns), berries and veggies were on the menu.

The Big Kids:  William and Amelie

Rock and Lucy

Violet is excited. Can you tell?

Calico Critters!

Strawberry Shortcake!

A beautiful, purple, twirly dress

"Violet" cupcakes--purple petals and yellow centers.

Violet was quite pleased with them.
I'm a simple kid's party advocate.  And this smile confirms my feelings about simplicity!