Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Violet Turns Five!!

The focal point of any birthday, around here, is The Cake.  Each person gets to choose what they want on their cake.  And then Mommy does her best to accommodate any and all requests.  It is often a topic of conversation for months prior on one's birthday.  In fact, it's not unusual to discuss what you want on your cake, next year, the day after your most recent birthday.  
Consequently, the night before any birthday involves much preparation.  Here's a bit of what the scene may look like: 

Each cake also includes the name and age of the birthday girl or boy.  I got a bit carried away with this one (since the requests were numerous..."a garden and a fence and the sky and a sun and some clouds..." ...you get the picture) so I had to be creative. 

The other tradition is presents on the couch when you wake up.  I grew up with this and I love it.  Kind of like your very own Christmas morning.
Cake inspection usually happens first thing.  This one met with approval, I fairly certain.
Since this was a school morning for Amelie, we were a bit pressed for time.
But Violet managed to open all of her gifts.

Violet's birthday was on a Wednesday this year.  On Wednesdays, I do morning carpool and stay for Amelie's cello lesson.  Violet nearly always comes along, but it's not her favorite time of the week.  So, very kindly, our frieghbors invited Violet over to play (which allowed her to stay at home a little extra, while Daddy got ready for work, when she could play with her new stuff).  Then she got to play with her good friend, Lucy.  After cello, Linus had a Playmobil playdate with his buddy, Rock, which lasted through lunch.  So Violet and I got to have lunch out and head to her ballet class.  After ballet, we picked up Linus and headed home for a nap.  A nap?  On her fifth birthday?  Yup.  Violet is my sleepy one.  And, as she protested, I reminded her that she didn't want to be a grumpy birthday girl at her birthday dinner.  She conceded, but sticking her thumb into her mouth.

The garden cake. 

Birthday dinner involved Aunt Carol, and Bowie Grandma and Grandpa coming over.  Violet chose "chicken"(steak), noodles and cut up veggies for her birthday dinner.
Grandpa and Linus
Linus, Grandma, and Amelie
Aunt Carol and Violet
Approval, yes?
Happy Birthday, Sweet Violet Ella!
We love you and, Lord willing, look forward to many, many, many more birthdays!!!


ChrisandMissy said...

What a fun birthday for V! I love her name in the clouds. =) She is so, so sweet Nancy.

Lynn said...

So sweet! You made this awesome cake AND flower cupcakes for Violet. I think you just raised the birthday bar FAR above "easy" my friend. But she's SO worth it...

Anonymous said...

soo beautiful. like the idea of waking up surrounded by your birthday presents. and d cake, wowww, dats soo creative. soo beautiful. you a super mum, u kno, Nancy.

true love for my man said...

ahhh, this is soo beautiful. love d idea of waking up surrounded by birthday gifts. soo sweet. and the cake, soo creative. am so loving it. you are a super mum, u kno, Nancy.