Wednesday, March 02, 2011

We're Really Very ODD Around Here Lately

We returned from our Seattle trip yesterday and the blog posts are swirling around in my head.  (Not to mention the girls' birthday posts!)  But the mountain of laundry needs some attention, among other things.  So in the meantime...

We went to Menchie's back on Amelie's birthday.  And while we were eating our froyo, I realized how very odd we are these days.
These cuties are the 7-3-and-5 kind of odd.
Or is that the 7-5-and-3 kind of odd?
Or how 'bout the 3-5-and-7 kind of odd?
No matter their order, they are such blessings!


CA Skellys said...

hee, hee...we were an odd family last year but we're all evened out now!

Kay said...

how funny, i love that 'odd' thing!! thankfully, we too are going to be an even family this year... those odd years for my boys are always the hardest ones on all accounts.

can't wait to hear about your trip!! i would have driven ;-) how did the flying go??