Friday, June 17, 2011

Edited**: What is another way to say...

347,133,600 seconds?
5,785,560 minutes?
96,426 hours?
4,019 days?
574 weeks?
132 months?
That'd be 11 years.  
11 years of being married to the man of my dreams.  
Sure, there here have been challenges and bumps along the way.  But there has been far more love and laughter, for which I am ever so grateful.
It's been, by far, the best 347,133,600 seconds of my life.  
And here's to millions more...

** Rachel included at tad bit of self-promotion asked a great question in her comment: 
"Where'd you get those awesome charms?!?!"
Great question, Rachel!  
I meant to include that tidbit of info in my original post, so I'll add it now.  My good friend, Rachel, is a Stella and Dot stylist.  And I bought these adorable little charms from her a few months back.  I LOVE them!  Stella and Dot has some beautiful pieces!  And fortunately, for our anniversary, Duncan gave me a gift certificate for Stella and Dot, so I can buy MORE beautiful jewelry from Rachel!!  You see, Duncan often looks to the list of traditional and modern anniversary gifts to decide what to get me.  He says it's because he's not creative.  But I think it proves him to be very creative.  And the eleventh anniversary happens to be steel or costume jewelery.  Hence the gift certificate for Stella and Dot!  (He said he thought I'd like that better than one to Claire's.  I think he's right.)  So, why not check out Rachel's site?  She's awesome.  (How was that, Rachel=P?)

Wednesday, June 08, 2011


When I Googled "plattor," all of the search results were in Swedish.  When I tried "plattor swedish pancakes," the first result was an online recipe that my cousin had created.  Does Google know that she's my cousin?  Or are my family members the only ones that call these tasty treats by this name?  Lorna's recipe is the same one I use.  We have these about once a month.  And on a recent occasion, Amelie learned how to make them.  Hot stove, cast iron, and all!  She's such a big girl, I can hardly even stand it. 
And as with most things fine motor, she was an instant expert.
Oh, and where have I been since March, when I last posted?  I've been living life.  That's where.  And now that school is out and life is a tad slower, I hope to catch up a bit here, in the next month or so.  Unless life gets in the way, that is.