Friday, August 21, 2009

Patrick Love

In general, Amelie has always liked men...prefers grandpas over grandmas, uncles over aunts, dads over moms--you get the picture. And Patrick is the one she prefers over all others. Since he left today to head back to school, I thought it was a good time to share about him.
Patrick is the oldest boy cousin on my side of the family. He jokingly has been called The Cousin God over the years, in that many of the younger cousins look up to him. After our recent family vacation, Duncan and I had a discussion about how well all of the older cousins relate to the younger ones. Our theory is that it's because of how Patrick and his older sister, Erin, set the precedent. They have always been so good with those younger than them. (Ok, Megs, here is your chance to chime in with how so not good they've been with their little sister=).) We think because of their good example, and because the cousins down the line have been treated so well by the olders, the younger cousins, in turn, relate well with those littler than they are. They are patient and kind and will play with our kids until the cows come home. They'll color, cook, wrestle, play pretend, do a craft, play a game or read a book with our kids to the point that all Duncan and I needed to do during vacation was make sure Linus' poopy diapers were changed (none of them will do that!) and to make sure that they got to bed at a decent hour.
All this to say that our kiddos love all of their older cousins, on both sides of the family.

But Amelie and Patrick have something special going on.

Here is where Amelie and Patrick met back in 2004. He was 14 and she was 2 days.

last Spring in the Annapolis Mall food court

last November in Morgantown

Woodburn Circle

Gingerbread Houses 2008--he's such a good sport!

story telling in the fort earlier this summer
playing air hockey

waiting for paintball

mauling the computer

and some more

story time with "party hats" this past Tuesday

To watch Amelie run across our front lawn waving as Patrick drove out of sight while he waved back at her tugged at my heart a bit. I was immediately asked when we would be visiting Patrick "at his house" (also known as the apartment he's sharing with friends). Methinks we'd better get to planning.

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Lynn said...

What, make MORE plans? Goodness, you guys are ALWAYS busy! ;o)

"Patrick's" are usually easy to like. ;o)