Monday, July 28, 2008

You Know It's Been A Good Day When... wake up and eat chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast (leftovers, but still). get told you're going to the zoo. go to the zoo. see lions and zebras and panda bears. come home and put on your ballerina costume. take it off and put on your Ariel costume. curl up in the glider rocker to peruse the American Girl catalog. fall asleep without planning to.

Mmmmmmm. Now that's a good day.
Amelie Muriel is my never-stopping-no-matter-how-tired-I-am-and-I-can-stay-up-really-late-because-I- don't-want-to-miss-anything girl. Consequently, she's usually asleep within seconds of closing her eyes at night. Since she gave up napping a little over a year ago, I think I am able to count on one hand how many times she's fallen asleep in the middle of something like this. So, when she crashed on Saturday afternoon, I just had to document it.
Happy Monday!


Erin said...

So cute. Girl after my own heart!

Lynn said...

Yep, that's a good day. So sweet.