Thursday, July 24, 2008

89th Annual Salada Family Reunion

As with every third Saturday in July for the last 90 years or so (they didn't hold reunions during some of the war years), Saladas and their kinfolk have been converging on the Brady Township Building in Luthersburg, PA. It's just outside of DuBois, PA, which is the Salada Homeland, as Duncan calls it. Duncan's grandfather, Maurice Victory Salada, was one of eight children that grew up in DuBois (pronounced Dew-Boys). Maurice and his siblings grew up attending the reunion and now their great grand children are enjoying the games, candy toss, cake walks and square dance. After not taking one single picture of VBS last week, I managed to get many short videos and photos of the reunion this past Saturday.

The Pre-School Version of Square Dancing

Cake Walking

Amelie's Slow Dance Solo--gotta love the swam-and-didn't-have-hair-combed-out curls.

Violet had the best time playing with the discarded raffle tickets.

Linus thinks everyone did a good job!

I'm so thankful to be a part of a family with such a cool tradition. Can anyone relate to this at all?


Unknown said...

cute matching dresses!

my mom's side of the family has a reunion every year--nothing so organized as that but lots of food, fishing and crazy family hi-jinks.

Lynn said...

What fun! My aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents still get together at least 3x/year. It helps that almost everyone still lives in the same county. It looks like a lot of people (from many generations) attend your family dinner.

Do you have any more info on the house for sale? My dad and I are coming down on Sat to look some more. Do you know what they are asking? Does it need work?

chrissie k said...

interesting! i had no idea that his roots were from that part of the country. that would explain a lot ;) heehee.... you know my spouse has roots there too. love ya lady -- and am praying for ya'll since L has become mobile!!

Dennis said...

I was researching the name of an old friend when I stumbled across this site. I was fortunate to have attended this reunion a couple of times about 40 yrs ago with my friend Isaac J. and his mum and dad, Isaac J. Sr (maybe Maurice's brother?)This is a wonderful memory with a great family in a beautiful part of the country.