Thursday, July 31, 2008


Amelie has always been very articulate for her age. (This is according to her speech pathologist grandma. She'll admit that she's biased, but at least it is a professional bias.) But she still says some of the cutest things. She is only four, after all. I was sad when she stopped saying "lellow." I even heard her correcting another child on that one the other day. She still says "aminals" and she says "freeget" for "forget," which I think is super cute. She also uses "what" for "that" which we've incorporated into our "I Spy" games.
"I spy, with my little eye, something what is green."
Adore it.
That brings me to the most recent Amelieism. Having reintroduced Mr. Nebulizer to our family over the last couple of days, Amelie's being asking about Linus' "breathment retreats." Initially she was getting frustrated that she couldn't say "breathing treatment," but now we've just adopted her way of saying it and she seems pleased with that. Too bad it's not much of a retreat for Linus or the person giving him "the breathment retreat." For some reason, I don't think screaming one's head off and wriggling all over the place is usually considered a retreat. Then again, maybe it is for some.
So, do you use the cute things your children say or do you always correct them and only use what's proper? We use the cute things our kids say all of them time. Are we causing them harm? Will their teachers hate us?


Anonymous said...

So sweet! Pippa's term for 'a long time ago' is "yeddy-yeddy-yeddyday (yester-yester-yesterday), as in "We went to Will-ee-am's house yeddy-yeddy-yeddyday!" :) Love it! I can't imagine we're damaging them too much, are we? I hope not :)

Anonymous said...

We still say "coodie - cutter" ( cookie cutter , Erin) and "trocery store" ( grocery store - Patrick). Megan has aways been so precise - I don't remember any of hers! We never corrected, and were sad when they stopped. As a teacher - I love hearing the way kids say things. My favorite was a little boy who was drawing his "Keep Christ In Christmas" poster for a contest. He asked me several times if he could draw an "activity set" next to the Church in his picture. It took me a while to realize that he meant "Nativity Set"!!

Lisa said...

Riah always says restaurnauts instead of restaurants. I giggle every time. He has stopped most of his really funny expressions, and started correcting Lucy. I keep telling him not to correct her- she'll figure it out too soon anyway.

Unknown said...

we say a lot of the things the kids say. tessa has a lot of them . . . i was planning a post on them soon so i don't forget them. stay tuned!

Lynn said...

Yeah, she's brilliant and adorable all in one little package.

CA Skellys said...

We love our kiddisms and are always sad when we realize one has gone away. One of our favorites that was recently taken away by an overcorrecting cousin is mushrooms instead of marshmallows. It made for such amusing conversations when the kids would talk about how much they love mushrooms over the campfire.