Monday, August 14, 2006

Starbucks and Scissors

On July28, I put $30 on my Starbucks card. This is something I've done in the past, as well, in an effort to limit the amount of money I contribute to the coffee giant. As of today, August 14, I have $6.42 remaining on my card. That's got to last until August 28th...that was the idea, at least. *sigh* What's a caffeine addict to do?

Last night, at church, a kind lady offered us a heap of paper, crayons, and colored pencils. Being a sucker for free stuff, I accepted. While scooping the art supplies out of her trunk, the woman said something to Amelie about cutting the paper and making pretty pictures. Very sweet. Well, this morning, upon seeing the pile o' paper, Amelie inquired about cutting and scissors. I looked for some of the child-sized variety, but didn't find any. I unwisely said we'd look for some while grocery shopping. Well, we looked and we found. For those of you reading this that have small children or may one day have small children, pay attention: TWO AND A HALF IS TOO YOUNG TO USE SCISSORS. As I was relaying my adventure to Duncan about how, while the risk of Amelie using scissors inappropriately came to mind (hair, clothes, upholstered furniture, etc.) as did the reality that she may try to use her "righty" scissors with her left hand. (tangent: Do you remember the two pairs of scissors in the bin at school that had the word "LEFTY" engraved on them? Did you ever try to use them, even though you were a "righty?" I did. Some may have looked at them as objects that caused scorn or mockery. I thought they were cool, at the time, but looking back, I wonder why the other 4 million pairs didn't have the word "righty" on them.)
It did not, however, occur to me that I would have to TEACH her how to use them and that she would not have the coordination to perform the act of cutting. When I said this to Duncan, he asked:"Don't they like teach how to use scissors in kindergarten or something?" I guess they do. I taught middle school and all of my students used scissors just fine.


Anonymous said...

HA!HA! - Some of my first graders can't use scissors!!

Good Luck with that!!

Sweet November said...

Thanks for the advice. I'll keep that in mind....:)