Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Pool's Broken So Break Out the Sprinkler

Today was the perfect day for the pool. We went early enough that we'd get plenty of playing in before it was time to go home and meet Daddy. When we got there the parking lot was suspiciously empty. I chalked it up to the imminent start of school around here. As I started to unpack the luggage that we take to all of our pool visits, a kind and merciful woman, in an attempt to save me from the unnecessary work of unloading everyone and everything from the car, informed me that the power was out so the pool was closed. Upon learning this, Amelie was devastated (Imagine tears, pitiful exclamations of "Why? Why, Mommy?" more tears and you'll get the picture.). On the drive home while explaining numerous times that the pool was broken, so we couldn't go swimming, I thought of Amelie's recent facination with sprinklers and that we have one! So when we arrived home, we quickly set it up in the backyard and spent the afternoon getting wet and digging in the sand box. Below are some pictures of the adventure.

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