Thursday, August 03, 2006

Great Grandma Muriel

Yesterday, the girls and I took the trip with my mom that she takes at least weekly. We went to my grandparents' house, about an hour away from home. Both of my mom's parents are living. My grandma is 87 and my grandpa is 86. My grandma suffers from fairly severe dimentia, but is so sweet and still has quite a sense of humour. She was totally charmed by Amelie yesterday. Amelie is named after her, in fact. My grandmother's middle name is Muriel, which is also Amelie's middle name. My grandmother, however, has always gone by Muriel--not by her first name, which is Ethel. After the customary warm up period, Amelie had a ball. And Grandma did too. I was so convicted about not going out there more often. Even though my grandma probably won't remember the visit, while it was happening, she was so delighted. Even though Amelie won't remember the visit either, we'll have the pictures to look at and I'll be able to tell her about the time she spent with her namesake. When my mom is away in a couple of weeks, I'm going to go again. Amelie will remember the previous, recent visit and will hopefully pick up where she left off with her great grandma Muriel...scrunching her chunky toddler fingers into a spider that crawls up great grandma's arm and reaches her neck in the form of a tickle; all the while singing "Itsy Bitsy Spider..."

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Hey Nancy - Great Picture!!!