Monday, December 21, 2009

Update: Sharing Christmas 2009

Can't express enough how awesome the two foot snow fall has made things seem magical 'round these parts. I've got tons of pictures from the last few days that I'll post eventually. But without further ado...
Welcome to our home!

Santa and a display of greenery greets you at the front door.

Our tree peeks out from the picture window.

Our tree is new this year. When putting away our former tree last year, I broke the built-in stand to the point of no return. I wanted to try to fix it with super glue, but Duncan assured me that the $25 tree we bought back in 2002 was destined for the landfill. And that it was going to be ok.

"The stockings were hung on the railing with care..."
Isn't that how the poem goes? No?
Well it's how it goes at the chimney-less house!
The greenery is a new addition this year.

I've incorporated live (or at least once-live) greenery this year as well.

Here you can see Amelie's gingerbread house from school, a poinsettia plant that my aunt gave us, and a Santa cookie jar we were given by our neighbors last year. These things adorn our kitchen table.

Amelie made this for Duncan and I at school. She wrapped it up in tissue paper she found on the dining room table and made a big deal about waiting until Daddy got home from work last Friday to give it to us. Super cute.

Violet made this at school. Enlarge it to read the poem.
It made me tear up.

This Christmas season has been full of baking and making at our home.

Today we made pine bark--some to eat and some to give away to neighbors and friends.
We've already made Caramel Meltaways, Grandma Munro's fudge, Chex mix, and sugar cut-out cookies from my Grandma's Betty Crocker cookbook.

Thanks for stopping by to see some of our Christmas this year!
Head on over to Megan's to see her beautiful home decorated for Christmas as well as the other blogs that are participating.

Original Post:
Megan is hosting Sharing Christmas once again this year. I've been looking forward to participating, but haven't been able to catch a break the last few days. There's a reason that I'm unable to post about on here (and probably never will be, so if you know me and you're curious, just give me a call.) The other reason can be summed up in the photo below.

That's right folks.
We can't seem to shake this stuff!
So, be patient and please check back later this evening for this year's installment of Sharing Christmas.
In the meantime, please feel free to browse the installments of Sharing Christmas 2007 and Sharing Christmas 2008.


Mrs. Fix said...

We are battling illness over here too! Hang in there!

And I looked back at both of your Sharing Christmases -- we had that same nativity scene growing up -- I think a few of the colors were different, but you are right -- it's very kid friendly. I played with it constantly during the Christmas season when I was little.

Anonymous said...

Asthma! How well I know the face mask and medicine there... I hope the medicines are helping and you won't have to deal with that for much longer, that it will soon be under control. Ugh. Hope you guys are well again SOON!

--chris f

PS: My father-in-law mailed us the family's nativity set. It arrived in one piece but when I last checked on it, I discovered the camel has FOUR broken legs... it looks like the mob attacked the poor thing. of course no one will fess up. I like the idea of taking pictures of the decorations; I might do that too sometime. said...

Oh, how I recognize the signs of asthma... my 3 yr old struggles with it as well and has had her share of battles... glad you were able to get your post up. It was so nice to meet you and get a glimpse inside your lovely home! We hang out stockings in our window as we don't have a fireplace either... and growing up ours were always on the stair way. :-) Some of my fav ornaments are the ones my kids have made over the past few years... those are the best!

Merry Christmas!

Megan said...

Nancy I'm so impressed that you were able to get your post up first, even with sick kids. I hope and pray they feel better soon!

First off, I love how cozy your house looks, all covered in snow. I love seeing the tree from the front window - so beautiful!

I really like the stockings hanging on the stairs - I'm feeling inspired since right now ours are hanging on a book shelf!

I too get teary eyed when I read the preschool poems about remembering them when they were tiny (and the handprints, oh the handprints).

Are you one who has a Noah's Ark Christmas decoration? I think so -I remember loving it!

All your baking looks so yummy - I still have a few more things to make, but I already did the stuff I'm giving away so the rest is just for fun!

Thanks for Sharing!!!

Lynn said...

We're friends....when do I get some pine bark? ;o)

Love the new header and the holiday look you've got going here. All the Santa decorations...I'm not sure we can still be friends. ;o)

Love the tour. Oh, and GET BETTER ALREADY, WE WANT TO PLAY!!!