Friday, December 25, 2009

Update: Mommy and Violet Sing A Christmas Eve Duet

Update: I've now made the video public, so everyone should be able to view it without a problem.
Original Post:
Back in October, while listening to The Singing Bible, Violet took quite a liking to Starry Sky--the Christmas song in the box set. I asked the girls if they'd like to sing it at church on Christmas Eve.
As far as she was concerned, I was crazy for suggesting something so horrible.
She agreed heartily.
When I explained that she'd be in front of the church and that there would be a lot of people watching her, she replied, "And you'll hold me up so I can reach the microphone?"
Yes I will, sweetie. Her stipulation was that I sing with her.
So we sang this song over and over and over.
We sent the mp3 to a friend who wrote it out as sheet music for us.
We obtained a pianist and flutist.
And then we were given an opportunity to sing it at our church's Christmas Eve Service.
Here's the awesome video that our friend, Deb, shot for us. (Thanks, Deb!)

It was a blessing, beyond measure, to learn this song and to sing it with my daughter. I'm thankful that it was a blessing to so many during the service of lessons and carols.
Oh, and Amelie?
She let me know that when Violet and I were singing, that she "changed her mind." That "it looked fun."
Maybe it'll be a vocal trio next year...


Mari said...

I'm here from Lynn's blog. This is so sweet!

Annie said...

I heard about this and am so glad I got to see her performance! :)

By the way, I have no idea what Bubber is, but I'm intrigued.
Although my husband has instructed me to never buy play-doh again so it would have to be pretty revolutionary to survive entrance into our house! ;)