Thursday, December 24, 2009

Just In Case You're Not On Our Christmas Card List...

Merry Christmas from the Saladas!

Salada Snipets--tiny bits of our 2009
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This past year has been a FULL one--full of blessings and laughter. Full of driving and playing. Full of reading and dancing. Full of loving and singing. Full of arguing and mediating. Full of training and disciplining. Full of asking and answering. Full of talking and talking. Full of pretending and imagining. Full of worshipping Our Great God as a family-of-five and with our church family. Full of learning and growing. Full of not-so-much-never-enough sleeping. Full of blogging and visiting. Full of working and church website updating ( Full of book clubbing and Bible studying. Full of movie watching and date nighting. Full of baseball and football watching. Full of grace and forgiving. Full of, by God’s grace, doing our best to love our neighbor as ourselves.

age 5
half-day kindergartener
underwater swimmer
flower girl
avid reader
tooth loser
training wheel bike rider

Jan-Duncan and Nancy to NYC.
Feb-Nancy &kids and her mom to Raleigh, NC
May-to State College, PA and Ocean City, MD
June-to Findley Lake, NY and Solon, OH
July-Nancy and kids to Bethany Beach, DE
August-to Canaan Valley, WV
Nov-to Ocean City, MD and Erie, PA for Thanksgiving

age 3
three day a week pre-schooler
soccer -lover
flower girl
mouse clicker
fruit devourer
prolific smiler

We are now highchairless, cribless, mostly bibless, often strollerless and soon-to-be diaper less. (A mommy can hope, right?) This is the longest we’ve gone, since Amelie was born, without adding to our family. Lord willing, we’re moving on to the next stage of life. Whatever that means…

age 2
nine word sentence creator
avid digger and mud attracter
baseball and football devotee
food scarfer
song composer
ring bearer

We are all about following Jesus: not just at Christmastime, but all year ‘round. We believe it when we read His words recorded in the Gospel of John: “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” There are a lot of different and confusing messages out there. Our prayer is that each of you may come to know Jesus-even today! We share these things not to condemn or offend--that’s the last thing we desire. Rather we desire all of those we know and love to share in the peace of Christ, which passes all understanding. We can’t fathom living this difficult and burdensome live without the Lord. He is our hope. He is our life. He is our rest. May you know the love of our Sovereign God in sending his Son 2000 years ago so that we may be saved from our sins and have life eternal. May you know Him this Christmas and always!

With Much love,
Duncan, Nancy, Amelie, Violet, and Linus

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