Friday, May 04, 2007

Ho Hum

I've been so uninspired of late. Don't know why. Guess I'll just share some of the highlight of life these days--
*We've been playing outside a ton and eating outside as well on our "new" patio. The addition of an umbrella for our table (a b-day present for Duncan) has been lots of fun.
*Violet's tear duct surgery is scheduled for Monday, May 21st in the wee hours of the morning. It's out-patient but requires general anesthesia. This mommy is SCARED TO DEATH of that part of it. If you're a praying person, please pray.
*Duncan recently received 2 job offers (one for a company here and one for a company in Pittsburgh, for which he'd be telecommuting). He took the one here after MUCH consideration! He's VERY excited and will start the Tuesday after Memorial Day. Praise God!
*Ducky and Grandpa Bob came for a visit last weekend after their two previous attempts had been foiled. They were snowed in both at Amelie's birthday and at Easter! Their visit was short, but very sweet.
*I won The Dress in Amelie's size a couple of days ago. We're excited to get it in the mail soon!
*Our new van is awesome and our Saturn is just about sold. It's just a matter of paper work and such. We're selling it to a graduating high school senior in our church. I'm so glad we'll be able to keep tabs on the first card Duncan and I bought together!
*We had the Etners over for a visit this past Sunday. It was great fun to see baby Dylan!! (oh yeah, and his mom and dad too =).)
*I'm at the mid-point in my pregnancy already. I can hardly believe it!
*Amelie is developing her imagination and personality more and more. She makes us laugh so much!
*Violet's language continues to explode. Just this morning, upon seeing Amelie's stuffed cat on the kitchen table, she exclaimed, "kitty!" That was a new one!!
*I continue to struggle with housekeeping, routine, self discipline, productivity, etc. It's just more fun to have a tea party or to blow bubbles!
Life is good. Thanks for checking in with me.


chrissie k said...

i'm feeling exactly the same way. maybe a rum n coke will inspire ;) am i forgiven for our negligence of being in touch during our trip back?

Nancy said...

Absoulutely, woman, you are forgiven!! You made sure I was ok with everything being very up in the air when we talked, so NO BIG DEAL!! Sorry for not responding to your e-mail. I'm very bad at that, when it's not a time sensitive issue. Please forgive ME!!