Tuesday, May 22, 2007

God is So Good

This morning, as I stepped into the shower, this song came to mind:

God is so good,
God is so good,
God is so good,
He's so good to me.

And He most certainly is. He's so good--far beyond what I deserve. These last few weeks, I've been struggling so with anxiety and depression, as I've transitioned medication because of the pregnancy (from Paxil, an SSRI, to Wellbutrin, for those in the know) and, at the same time, anticipated (dreaded?) Violet's eye surgery. I've had countless "What ifs?" go through my mind and it's been exhausting. Today, I praise God for sustaining me throughout the last few weeks, and for bringing Violet through the surgery. It was the best possible outcome--they had to do the minimum (only probing of the left eye--no intubation or balloonplasty or moving of bones and nothing to the right eye) and there have been no complications.

So, am I the only weirdo that brings a camera when their child has a medical procedure done? Maybe I was just trying to convince myself of how great it would be. Regardless, I took a few shots that I've posted below.

We left my parents' house at 5am (We slept there so neither Amelie nor her dear grandparents had to get get up so early.) and drove to Johns Hopkins. We arrived at the 3rd floor of the Wilmer Eye Institute at 6am. Here is Violet, in her peach hospital gown, watching Rugrats (or something equally age-inappropriate, yet distracting) while waiting to be called for surgery. I took this photo at 6:24 am.

These are the ridiculously huge booties they gave us to put on her. We were called to surgery at 7:00am. We waited, along with other patients and their families, for about 30 minutes. When it was our turn, Duncan went back with the doctors and got to hold Violet until she was asleep. He came out to the waiting room at about 7:45am. Before 8:30am, the doctor came out to tell us how successful the procedure had been. At about 9:15, I got to go into the recovery room and be with her when she woke up.

Here, we're back in the pre-op room at 10:40 am, yet now I guess we could call it the post-op room since it was after the surgery. Here we watched Nick Jr's Fairy Tale Extravaganza while Violet ingested about a half gallon of apple juice. We had to wait about two and a half hours following the surgery, just to make sure she was o.k. to go home.

Upon release, Violet got to eat strawberries, cheerios, and a cookie in the hospital cafeteria. We weren't even out of downtown Baltimore by the time our little patient was asleep.

Amelie liked the sunglasses Violet got in her (obviously) generic discharge kit from the Wilmer Eye Institute. She seems to be doing her best glaucoma patient impression in this photo.

So thank you for your prayers (and for your encouraging comment, chris f!) Please praise God with me for His goodness and mercy.


chrissie k said...

my mother-in-law insisted on taking pictures of isaac in the ambulance when he had his stroke a couple of days after his birth. they got loads of pictures that i think i appreciate now... although i still can't look at them.

love you. so exciting to hear news of healthy happy family!!

Sweet November said...

Praise God for answered prayer! Love you guys!

Lisa said...

Hey Nancy,
We're so glad that Violet did so well! Praise God for a great surgery.

marylins said...

you were all very VERY brave...I bet it feels so good to be on the other side of the surgery!!!

Anonymous said...

glad to hear everything went so well! poor kid! (poor mom & dad!) you need to hook amelie up with some stevie wonder so she can karaoke!