Wednesday, June 06, 2007

God is STILL so good...

...even though it seems that Violet's tear duct procedure may have failed. Have any other parents wished so much that their kid "just" had pink eye? She woke up this morning with green crusty eyelashes, reminicent of the morning two weeks and two days ago--and the majority of mornings for the entirety of her life before that. Major bummer. That's what everyone keeps saying, including me. And it is. However, I've been trying to realign my perspective all day long. I've been telling myself all day that this is not a big deal. In the grand scheme of life, it really isn't. Tomorrow, I'll be calling the doctor to find out what we need to do next. Pray for wisdom and pray for healing. I believe God is capable of healing her without more surgery. But regardless of what happens in this situation, GOD IS STILL GOOD. That's my point. And I praise Him for that.
Onto lighter things...some of my favorites of the past weeks:

Here, Violet worked very hard to get into her little seat. You can see she's quite pleased. She can often be seen holding two objects from the play kitchen--a cup and a spoon, a bowl and a fork, or a pan and a ladle (as seen in this shot). She stirs and eats. It's so dang cute.

Amelie and Violet "cleaned out" these cute toy storage bins I purchased recently and then thought it would be fun to sit in them. Violet looks drunk, but I love it because it shows them doing something together, which is getting more and more frequent these days--much to Amelie's delight.

This is the first day at the pool this season. My adorable WHITE family loves the pool. We've already been six times since Memorial day!

Duncan set up the sprinkler on a hot Sunday afternoon and Amelie and William had a blast. Violet, on the other hand, was quite offended at the water that snuck up on her as she played.

These next two are just goofy shots that I think are fun.

Violet shaking the dotters.

Amelie's extremely goofy face. She LOVES her sunglasses.

In other news, Duncan started his new job last weeks and it extremely satisfied. Even better, their moving from Annapolis to Bowie on Monday (a few weeks late, he was supposed to start there)--a twenty minute commute down to five. Rock the house! He'll MAYBE have to fill up his gas tank once every other week--how cool is that?


chrissie k said...

wa hoo for the commute. your children are so darn cute. congrats on making it halfway through pregnancy (wow, and without ANY complaining.) love you lady. praying for your little one.

Sweet November said...

that picture of Amelie with the sunglasses is one for the high school yearbook...:)

Anonymous said...

what great pictures! totally cracking me up! rah rah for a short commute! what a blessing. dave drives and hour each way and it's miserable. (i only go two blocks!)