Thursday, May 10, 2007

Cleaning off the camera again...

Duncan opening his birthday presents with the girls. We gave him a wheelbarrow (red--Amelie's choice) and an umbrella and stand for our outside table.

From just about an hour ago, Daddy came home for lunch and got to read a story to the girls. (Notice the dresses! Gotta love them!!)

[Note: The first two pictures were from two different day. I promise Duncan doesn't wear the same outfit to work every day.]

Tea Party with chocolate milk and Teddy Grahams. What could be better? (Thanks again for the birthday present, Aunt Karen--none of the tea set has been consumed!)

Violet gets her quilt from Ducky!

Violet LOVES her quilt from Ducky!!

Two ballerinas--I love the look on Violet's face in this one.

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