Thursday, April 12, 2007

In No Particular Order....

Happy Easter! This is as close to a portrait as we could get with Little Miss On the Move!

Daddy shares one of his summer loves with Violet-- STRAWBERRIES!!

This was what we originally envisioned for this table and chairs when we gave it to Amelie for her 2nd birthday.

That hair! It's so crazy!!

Ice Skating lesson number one.

Amelie's Dinosaur Cake!!

The birthday girl participating in the Dinosaur Hunt at her party.

William got added to the row o' carseats a few weeks ago. We're super excited to be able to have friends in our new van! (There were three empty seats behind them even!!)


matt k said...

awwww... my heart - besides the beautiful pictures, it was fun to see me added to your friend list ;) thanks! love you guys.

chrissie k said...

oops... uh, that was chrissie. don't know how i got matt's name up there. honestly, matt's heart doesn't quite function the same way as this mushbrained heart does.

Nancy said...

Don't worry, Chrissie, I was pretty sure Matt wouldn't comment about the condition of his heart. I had a hunch it was you=). You're a sweetie.

Anonymous said...

love that pic of violet and duncan! cute cute!