Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Drumroll please............

.............IT'S A BOY!!!!!!
Even better, he looks completely normal and healthy at this point.
We're thrilled. Duncan said he was a tad worried about being outnumbered 4-1. He said 3-2 seems a bit better. I don't think it's really sunk in for me just yet. Yet it's a little easier to imagine what life will be like, now that we know the gender.
In other news, we've transitioned from using a Windows operating system to using a Linux OS. (It's so great to be married to a computer nerd.) Once I learn how to work with pictures, I'll share some from Easter and other recent events. (Maybe I'll even scan in the ultrasound picture!)


Lisa said...

Congratulations everybody!! Boys are so much fun! We can't imagine our house without our little man. Glad to hear the baby is doing so great. How are you Nancy? Praying for you guys!

chrissie k said...

oh dear... you are going to love it! congratulations!!