Monday, September 25, 2006

Meeting Ducky in Morgantown

Well, after nearly eight years of neglect, I visited my alma mater: WVU. We drove across beautiful western Maryland, taking the route I could do with my eyes closed, to spend the weekend in Morgantown, WV. We met Ducky (what Amelie calls Duncan's mom) and Grandpa Bob for a visit. Morgantown is pretty much exactly in the middle, between Bowie and Erie--a three and half hour trip from both directions. Since Violet doesn't have a history of being the best traveler (ie. screaming for the two hours it takes to get from Breezewood to home on our last trip in July), we asked if Ducky wouldn't mind meeting us halfway, so as to minimize the time in the car. She and Grandpa Bob graciously agreed. [Sidenote: The trip to Morgantown is 3.5 hours of driving. When traveling with two small children, who need to eat, have diapers changed, stretch their legs, etc. the trip is AT LEAST 5 hours from door to door.] Well, I planned on blogging about my emotions connected to Morgantown and WVU, I haven't gotten there yet and I need to be done for now. So I guess, I'll save that for another post. The pictures show Amelie (and Ducky and Bob) riding the PRT and Amelie exploring High Street.

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