Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Joys of Being a Homemaker

How lame is that I was ecstatic at the opening of our new and improved Super Giant last Friday? I watched it being built, in all of its splendor, while continuing to shop at the old Giant that was dwarfed in the shadow of its younger, bigger sibling. I was indifferent for a long time, but as the time drew closer for the new prototype store to open, my anticipation grew. I was SO excited!! It's supposedly one of their biggest stores, if not the biggest on the east coast or mid-atlantic or something. I've already been to it three times! To top off my Friday, I got my new washing machine as well!!! It was a banner day for this housewife. Our old washer, which was here when we moved in and wasn't new at the time, owed us nothing. We figured out it was from around 1988--18 years old!! It didn't conk out completely, but stopped washing well and left solid chunks of things (we use cloth diapers and wash them ourselves--you get the picture) on the laundry. I found I was washing things two and three times before they were only moderately clean. So, we decided to replace the last of the major appliances that were here nearly 4 and a half years ago when we bought the house. Now, we've ordered a new dryer, as well. Our old one is ok, but with the ginormous capacity of the new washer, the old, tiny dryer is overwhelmed very easily and often requires two cycles to dry a load. The new dryer is scheduled to come on Wednesday, October 4th.
So, on today's schedule:
-empty dishwasher and fill up again
-sweep and mop kitchen floor
-clean both bathrooms
-fold and put away laundry
What was the title of this post again?

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