Thursday, September 14, 2006

Photo Update

A sampling of what I took off of my camera this evening and what should be up on our photo website today or tomorrow.

We were just running a few quick errands, but Amelie HAD to put on her rain gear.
She created the ensemble herself...including crayons in her purse.
She refused to look at the camera in the above two. She insisted on looking at the rain.
Amelie has been DYING to help feed Violet. This was her big break.
Violet Ella is 7 months old.
I call this one Body Fluids: spit-up on shoulder, drool obvious, and eye goop--on again off again since she was born (clogged tear duct).
Breakfast at IKEA. (and our first attempt at actual whole-head-of-hair pigtails--so whadaya think?)
Holding Hands.

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