Thursday, September 21, 2006

Betty La Fea

Don't you hate when people try and "one up" you about how long they've know about something? Well, I do that ALL THE TIME. It started with Tevas. I got a pair for my first trip to Honduras in 1992. Then, it was Dave Matthews. I was telling people about him in 1994, during my freshman year of college. Recently, it was Violet. Yes, we had chosen her name BEFORE Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner named their little bundle. But since we never tell the name before the birth, I guess there's no way to prove it. Well, now I can tell you that Duncan and I watched Betty La Fea on Telefutura (Ch.14 here in D.C.) years ago. It was about an ugly woman, named Betty, who worked for a high-fashion, appearance-driven company and her experiences there--often of being teased and tricked and taunted. It was a comedy and that horrified us. It was funny, but kind of weird and sad at the same time.
A few weeks back, Duncan read that there was a new sitcom called Ugly Betty. He remarked that he knew a lot of our shows were based on things that were popular in other countires first and wondered if anything is ever original. I haven't watched any first-run sitcoms on a regular basis in forever. I might start again with this one. If it's anything like the original, it just might be worth it.

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Nancy said...

Thanks for breaking my comment dry spell, of late. I was beginning to feel somewhat discouraged!
Well, I'm sorry, Keith (and Kristie) for "stealing" Violet from you. It was all Duncan's idea. He seriously had to sell me on Violet (I obviously love it now) and I think he was still working on it when the Affleck-Garner baby was born. I sent him an e-mail at work with a link to the news story that announced little Violet's birth telling him we were back to square one. Violet was a no-go. He said he'd been hoping I hadn't seen the announcement and that I never would, because he knew that would be my response. Seriously, though...why do we (myself included) insist on having the completely unique-yet- not-too-weird names for our children these days? I mean do all of the Jennifers and Matthews (and Keiths and Nancys for that matter) really have such terrible lives?
And by the way, for whatever it's worth, we would be delighted if there was a little Violet Martel some day. After all, it's French in origin and we wouldn't want to mess up what we've got going on.
Any news on Comanda #5 yet?