Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Thanks for checking!!

I love sitemeter. I can tell many of you have been checking to see if I've updated, but to no avail! I have MANY things I'd like to write about and will hopefully get a chance to do so soon. The main reason for my lack of posts of late has to do with the fact that I found a direct corellation of frequent posts = dirty house. So, I've been trying to have a more balanced approach to life these days. Above are some pictures from our visit to the pumpkin patch out in Easton this past Saturday. It was a great time with the McDermotts. Consider leaving comments if you never have before. It's fun to get feedback and responses to what I write.
Happy 20th Anniversary, Karen and Dan!! Oh-- and shut up, Erin.


Sweet November said...

Can't wait to see you guys next Saturday! (You'll have to let us change some diapers to give us practice! :) Yes, I check your blog at least once a day so a lot of those hits are from me...


chrissie k said...

How about anything: chasing children, working, reading, trying to come up with creative things to blog about ALL equal messy house here! We are cursed, I am sure.

Glad to hear you are well... and enjoying the fall. Like you loads.