Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Life (and Death) of a Shed

We moved into our home in the beginning of May 2002. When we looked at our house, before buying it, we made the decision, should this home become ours, we would get rid of the nasty, rusty, metal shed that seemed to take up a quarter of the back yard. It seemed like a big job and got shoved to the back burner for a while, before we even seriously talked about getting rid of it. I always, however, felt the need to apoligize for the shed, when someone visited our home and looked out the sliding glass door. "Nice shed, huh?" I'd say. "We want to get rid of it. We've never put anything it on purpose, so it would be easier to let go of, when the time comes." Well, the time finally came this past weekend. On Saturday, Duncan removed the roof and on Monday, Duncan, our new neighbor and his father-in-law, got rid of it once and for all. We are now left with a fairly descent concrete slab and a source of elecricity. Our ultimate dream to is to build a detached screened-in porch to sit in during the summertime and even for a bit of the spring and fall, perhaps. But, that takes money. So, we'll hold off until we've got enough of that to take on such a venture. In the meantime, we plan to enjoy this reclaimed portion of our property.
The process is captured in photos below.
[Note: I can't seem to figure out how to post photos so the are displayed in the correct sequential order. It's kind of annoying. Any hints out there from you more seasoned bloggers?]

Amelie and William watch in amazement as Duncan, Rob (W.'s dad) and Tim (W.'s grandpa) demolish the shed.
Almost done.
Intact shed without a roof.
Getting closer.
a view from the inside
Ain't she a beauty?


Anonymous said...

so, did blogger post these pictures in the opposite order of what seems intuitive? (or did you want to show the progress in reveres?) I have noticed that I have to upload pics opposite the order I want- I thought I was just topsy-turvy.

Nancy- who was the MinTec guy who ate people's body parts?

Nancy said...

I'll try and think in reverse the next time I try to upload a sequence of events. That does seem to be necessary.
I have no idea what his name was... Bob? I can totally picture him--which is causing me to laugh out loud. Amelie actually does something similar and I initiated the fist hitting the top of her head to allow for regurgitaion, just as "Bob" did. Did you remember that part?

Anonymous said...

Okay, almost laughed my coffee onto the keyboard- i forgot the regurgitation. I asked because Simone does the same thing as well (see they would be best friends)- It is a total riot!

Anonymous said...

oh, and my question about blogger was more to see if i was crazy. Not to say, get with the 'picture' nancy. I wish they would reverse the process.