Tuesday, October 17, 2006

An Atypical Birthday Celebration

That's right, folks. I've finally hit the all-important milestone birthday: 30....and 3/4. See, my 30th birthday was back in January. The 15th, to be exact. Violet Ella was born on February 2, about 2 and a half weeks after the my big 3-0. I was in NO condition to celebrate back then. Violet weighed 10lbs. 10.5 oz. and I had an additional 40 lbs. other places on my body, so I didn't much feel like being a guest of honor for any reason. So, we put off a party, thinking we'd do something in July, when I was 30 and a half. That didn't happen either. In July, however, I made the decision that since I love autumn so much, we'd have a celebration then. My 30 and 3/4 birthday fell on October 15th, which was Sunday, so we scheduled a party for Saturday the 14th. It was silly, but fun. Had some of my family and some friends here as well as an outdoor fireplace and one of my all time favorites: Red Hot and Blue. I had a great time and think others did as well. Here are a few peeks at the gathering.

Some of the "kids," big and small. (L-R: Amelie, Addie (friend from church) niece Megan and nephews Jack and Patrick)

Some of the friends and me. (Back row: Chris and Becky--friends from church [Chris' wife, Joy, took just about all of the pics.] Front row: Heather and her husband Martin. Me and Violet.)

Heather again and Grace.

A decoration--mums and lanterns and Indian Corn--I love the fall!!

My dear, sweet grandparents surprised us by coming and then spending time outside, even! Here they're enjoying our new "party patio," which formerly contained our shed and now houses our new outdoor fireplace.

Here my nephew, Jack, looks on as I cut the gorgeous cake provided by my Aunt Carol.

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