Monday, October 23, 2006

I Heart Rollercoasters and my Sweet Husband

Back in June, Duncan and I were married for six years. Duncan, who claims it's because he isn't creative, uses the traditional anniversary gifts as a guide on what to get me. I think it's pretty creative. Enough gushing about how wonderful my husband is.
I had mentioned that I wanted to ride rollercoasters for our anniversary this year. So, when Duncan looked up the gift for year six, he saw that it was iron (which is the major component in steel, which is what many rollercoasters are made of, how convenient!) he knew just what to get me: a trip to Six Flags America!! Since Violet isn't the best when it comes to taking breast milk from a bottle, we put it off and put it off and finally nailed down the date of October 21.
It was a great time. We rode the Joker's Jinx, Superman, Two Face: The Flip Side, The Wild One, and Roar. I learned that I can only handle so many rollercoasters in one day before I reach my limit. Roar did me in. We got some dinner and a funnel cake and the headed out to catch a movie. We saw The Departed. It was pretty good, although it became quite a blood bath at the end--that was a bit much. We enjoyed seeing a movie in the theater, which is something we hardly ever get to.
We realized we need to get out more, for Violet's sake. She is hardly ever NOT with me and it's quite difficult for her to be away from me, it seems. She didn't take milk from the bottle again. My mom said Violet looked at her like she was crazy for trying to make her do such a thing. I love my sweet Violet Ella, but she needs to learn that others can care for her too.
This post is a total ramble. Part of the problem is that I've been constructing it in my head for a couple of days and haven't had a chance to put it together until now and there's lots I wanted to say and not a lot of time and it's all jumbled and I need to stop now.
We had a great time celebrating our anniversary. I love my husband.
**Funny sidenote: read here about how we celebrated our fifth anniversary last October. (Yes, we were married in June. This seems to be becoming a tradition!)

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Anonymous said...

roller coaster riding is definately much more creative than say, ummm, new fireplace tools. iron is a tough one to fulfill. glad you guys had fun!