Wednesday, July 07, 2010

A Lesson in Contentment

So my mid-Atlantic friends, do you remember this?
Remember how SICK of the snow we all were come the end of February?
Well, here we are, full of complaints (myself included) about how H-O-T it is!  Let us sit back and remember how tired of all of the layers upon layers of clothing we had to put on (and put on our children) just to walk to the car.  Let us remember the back-breaking shoveling we did for hours on end, just to have to do it again in a few days, when the snow was dumped on us again

And let us revel in the moment, whether it be a cold moment or a hot one.  Let us appreciate with whom and where we find ourselves--regardless of the conditions outside. 
Live for this moment. 
This very one
And be thankful!

(Note:  This post is for me just as much or more than the next guy.)

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