Monday, July 12, 2010

The Last Load of Diapers. Ever.

Since it's been eight days since Linus has been out of diapers, I think it's safe to make this announcement:
After nearly six and a half years of cloth diapers, the Saladas can claim to be

Here's the diaper pail waiting by the washer for the last time.  This is our second diaper pail.  The first succumbed to mildew because of some former methods we used.

When we started, we had a different washer.  Our current washer allows us to customize and save cycles.  Duncan made one for diapers.  Now that we won't be using it anymore, I wonder if we'll think of something else to customize?

Sure we still use one disposable diaper each night for Linus and will until the current pack is gone.  Then we'll go cold turkey and see how it goes.  He's had a few accidents and doesn't initiate much, but seems to have great control.  He even naps without a diaper!  I'm sure we'll have some set-backs, but we're very encouraged by Linus' progress!

Last week I kept having to pinch myself.

Duncan says that all of this talk about being DONE with diapers is sure to produce another Salada baby.  
I'm pretty sure babies aren't produced by talking.
Guess we'll all just have to wait and see...

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