Saturday, January 16, 2010

Birthday Recap

Duncan and the kids made me a cake last Sunday night while I was at church.  (Alone.  Since Linus had a fever two weekends in a row, I had missed two Sunday mornings in a row.  It was SUCH a blessing to attend a worship service, from start to finish, by myself.  I love my family, but to worship without distraction is something I don't take for granted.)

The necessary smelling of the cake batter...

Must smell good! 
In every picture, they are all saying "CAAAAAAKE!"  That is what one says when photographed with cake batter, right?

And then to be photographed with baked cakes requires the utterance of the same word. 
Can't you just hear it? 

Individual "CAAAAAAAKE!" shots--

I came home from church to a home that smelled of freshly baked cake.  Duncan put the cakes in the freezer (a trick he learned from me) until they would be decorated on Thursday night.  He said they had a great time making the cakes and I love the photos he got as a part of the process.

On Friday morning, bright and early, I got my present (the Under Armour jacket I'm wearing) and the card Amelie made all by herself.

She also made me a book which had a page of what she loves about me and a page of the things she loves to do with me.  It included extra blank pages, as well, for me to use for lists and doodles.  She's such a sweetie.

Violet was at the worst of her current cold overnight and had spent the majority of the night in bed with me.  I got some extra snuggles from her.

And here is the magnificent cake that my sweet little family made for me.  Tulips are my favorite flower, so Amelie's idea was to put some on my cake.  Linus had informed me (incorrectly) that they were putting "sprinkles and Baby Jesus" on my cake.  Oh well, I guess that's an idea that could be used next year. 

My parents and my aunt came over for dinner.  My mom brought my favorite meal:  chicken marsala, mashed potatoes, and green beans.  Sooooo yummy! 
And then we got to eat my beautiful and yummy birthday cake!

Here's our little family. 
Such a sweet husband.  Such sweet children.  So much for which to be thankful!
And the day after my birthday? 
Well another surprise was in store for me.
That'll be coming up next...


Mrs. Fix said...

For the record, I think the tulips are to die for!

Looks like you had a great day and I am very proud of your sweet family for taking such good care of you!

Lynn said...

Happy Birthday, sweet friend. So glad you were loved on and pampered on your special day. I love you.