Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The B-L-E-L-E!

Yes that's the book for me!
I stand alone on the word of God!
The B-L-E-L-E!
Violet will be four in just under two weeks.
And she's very cute. 
And she's very smart.
  We still have to work on that spelling thing, however. 
Do you wonder who she is looking at while she's singing? 
That would be her reflection in the sliding glass door.
Sometimes she looks in the bathroom mirror and makes herself cry by making sad faces.
After she was done singing Starry Sky on Christmas Eve, she informed me that she was ready to sing another one.
I think we're in for it with this sweet and adorable, yet oh-so-dramatic performer.


Mrs. Fix said...

Made my night. I started laughing before I even played the video. So cute. I love that girl!

Lynn said...

Patrick has many comments after watching this video...

Being the Sabbath, we are dutifully reading out "BLELE's"

How exactly does one pronounce that?

Love it!!!