Friday, January 15, 2010

34 and Thankful

Today, I turn 34.
As I've approached this birthday, I've had a hard time remembering how old I was already and how old I was going to be.
Weird or normal?
Don't know.
But thankful, all the same.
Thankful that I have a sweet husband that is more amazing than I could ever convey in words.
Thankful that I have three amazing children who love me, want to be with me, and yearn for my attention.
Thankful for the circle of friends around me, loving me, challenging me, encouraging me, and accepting me.
Thankful for my Savior.  And thankful for the church He has us in.  Oh that church that I don't know what we'd do if we weren't there.
Thankful for our extended family, who loves us and supports us.  Who wishes we could all be together more, but is also just thankful for when we're all together.
Thankful that I'm in pjs still.
Thankful that my pastor's wife my friend, Barbara, came over to visit today.  And that my house wasn't the tidiest and that I wore my pjs for our visit.  And that she didn't care.  That she came to see me.
Thankful that my husband now drinks coffee.  That we can bond on that level.
Thankful for the birthday cake that my little family made for me.  Can't wait to see how yummy it is--probably the yummiest ever.
Thankful that the kids and I had a successful cleaning morning:  Amelie dusting the cobwebs, organizing the shoe rack and cleaning the picture window.  Violet cleaning the upstairs bathroom floor and the picture window.  Linus washing the sliding glass door and the kitchen chairs.  I LOVE when it actually works and we're genuinely productive.  And when I remain cheerful and patient.
Thankful that the Lord is molding me more into His image.
Thankful for the birthday card Amelie made ALL BY HERSELF and that she's getting into the gift-giving thing, in general.  That she's becoming so thoughtful.
Thankful that I don't have to go anywhere today!
Thankful for the book and the couch and the cup of coffee that I'm going to enjoy after I post this.
Thankful for YOU, even if you never tell me who you are =).
(Note:  There are 15 thankful things, not 34, if you're one to count.  15 signifies my birthDAY number and my brother & cousin's soccer number--always my favorite number because of these things.)

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Michelle said...

Happy Birthday, Nancy! You're family photo is sooo cute and GAP-like :) Your family is beautiful!