Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Roll Call

In no particular order, these are the folks that have called and/or visited me since I've been here.
Thank you, Lord for--
Carol Grace Duncan Amelie Violet Stephanie Mike Barbara Lynn Joy Linda Chelsea Megan Glenda Bob Irma Erin Megan Jen Mom Dad Terri Julie Carla Barbara Joy Diana Jill Suzy Ruth Jean Stef Pam Fix Rachel Heather Jean Becky...

Thanks also for your comments. It's exciting to receive them! It's not official, but my doc's surgery scheduler has requested Wednesday, August 29th as my c-section day. That would be two weeks from today! Hopefully, I'll get a confirmation soon.

Today I had a steady stream of visitors. Some even overlapped a bit. It certainly makes the day go fast! I feel bad I'm not partaking in all of the diversions people have brought for me, but talking to actual people is much better than just about anything else.

Duncan and I were talking about how it's nice to sit and talk with people, with no distractions or responsibilities. I've literally just sat and talked to folks for hours! I never get to do that anymore.

Oh--I finished the last Harry Potter book this morning. If anyone wants to discuss it, let me know!


Anonymous said...

i'm totally up for discussing harry potter!

Lisa said...

Hey Nancy,
Just wanted to stop and say hello! I wish we could come visit you!! We're praying for you all and for your little guy. Hope the next few weeks go by quickly.
:) Lisa

Short Stop said...

Hi, Nancy! So glad you've had some good visitors! I think if I had been in the hospital much longer, I would have gotten desperate for some! :)

I've never read the HP books, but my husband finished the last one in 2 days. He loved it! :)