Friday, August 10, 2007

++++Accentuate the Positive++++

Taking a shower for the first time in over four days is an amazing feeling. I don't know that I'll take a shower for granted for a long time. I've been here for just about four days and I'm settling in, I guess you could say. I've got books (including the latest Harry Potter), a cross stitch, a Bible, a Beth Moore Bible study, cable tv, my laptop, a mix cd that my niece made for me, and my cell phone. I've gotten to see my sweet husband and our sweet girls at least once every day. I've had many phone calls and several visitors. I can sleep as late as I want. Can you tell I'm working on remaining positive? Thanks for you prayers.

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Lisa said...

Hi Nancy! We just got back from VWDing at Pine Springs yesterday and I came to get an update on how you all are doing. We will be praying for the bed rest time to go quickly and for health for that little guy and his mama! Prayers and Hugs- We love you all!