Friday, August 17, 2007

Day 11

Yesterday was such an exciting day. So incredible, I didn't even get to post about it!
1. My doc said I could have wheelchair rides! So when my sister Karen came to visit, she wheeled me around the hospital, inside and out, for an hour. I still can't believe I spent 10 days in this room without leaving!
2. My doc said I can have showers EVERY DAY. You heard right, folks. This is such great news.
3. My c-section was confirmed for Wednesday, August 29th at noon. That's only 12 days from now! I'm nearly halfway there, when considering how long I've been here already!

Thanks for your continued prayers, calls, visits, comments, and overall support.


Anonymous said...

rah rah for wheelchairs and showers!!! :)

Short Stop said...

I'm SO happy for you for all of those things. You know, the 29th is Lynn's birthday...but maybe you already know that! :)