Monday, August 13, 2007

Unexpected Happenings

Thanks so much for your sweet and encouraging comments. They are definitely a bright spot in my day, as is any contact with the outside world. Yesterday, my doctor said he doesn't like someone in my situation (a complete placenta previa) to go all the way to 37 weeks, so we're probably looking at 36 weeks. That means that I'm about a third of the way done with my time here in room 220. Have I written about how I haven't left this room since 11pm on Monday, August 6th? That's right. We're on Day 8 now. I'm glad it's an attractive room. It doesn't have a window directly to the outside, but rather a window to the lobby of the building, which has windows to the outside. So, from my bed, I can see what color the sky is. That is an encouragement to me.

And now, I can't say I expected--
* to wear a hospital gown for a whole week. I now have my new comfy pj pants from Old Navy.
* to take a shower using only one hand. My iv hand gets all taped up,with a glove over it so it doesn't get wet. It's pretty impossible to use in this predicament.
* to sit on a bench while taking a shower. The girls arrived during my shower yesterday and Amelie thought this was HILARIOUS.
* to only ever eat in bed. You've heard of breakfast in bed, but who's ever heard of lunch in bed and dinner in bed--every day?
* to get my sheets changed every day. Sheet changing is not my forte at home.
* to shop, blog, e-mail, and surf the internet from a hospital bed. Hence the new comfy pj pants from Old Navy.

I'm sure, as time wears on, I'll be able to add to this list. But that's enough for now.


Short Stop said...

I loved this post, Nancy. Isn't it totally impossible to wash your hair with one hand? I was laughing in the shower as I looked at my saran wrapped arm! :):)

I can relate to every single one of these things!

SO glad you're about 1/3 of the way through! :) YAY!!

Anonymous said...

i am amazed at this positive outlook of yours! we're praying for you! if you want some completely gratuitous amusement while you're hanging out at the hospital, has a celebrity hair makeover thing going on right now and it's big fun!

Unknown said...


i think i'm a little behind. i didn't even know you were pregnant. i'm so sorry to hear about all the trouble. but glad that you are being taken care of so well. we too have had a little boy after two wonderful girls. it is quite a change--i still get a little shock when i pull off the diaper.

i would love to chat sometime if you get a chance . . .

chrissie k said...

hi sweet woman! we have been gone for two weeks and look what has happened!!! know that our prayers are with you... i too am so encouraged by your perspective. i wonder if i can arrange a hospital visit too? haha.... meals in bed, no house cleaning, showers sitting down, clean sheets (yeah, i change them about once a month), late nights cuddles w/ husband... where do i sign up?

we are expecting again too. couldn't get too far behind the salada family. this was a bit unexpected... but welcomed (after a dizzying two weeks.)

love you lady. MUCH.