Thursday, August 23, 2007

New Digs

It that even how you spell that? Well the big news today is that I've moved! The hospital decided to open their antepartum wing this afternoon and I get to be one of the very first "guests," as my doctor put it! My room is much smaller than the labor and delivery room I've lived in for the past 17 days. It's more like the postpartum rooms I've visited. So, if you're one of those people that calls or visits me, please e-mail me for my new direct phone number and room number. I pity the poor women that labor in my old room who keep getting phone calls for some lady named Nancy!
Six more days!!


Jersey Knitting Mama said...

Good Luck with your new baby boy.

chrissie k said...

hey baby! no update? -- matt was asking about you this morning. how are you??

Anonymous said...

are the new digs fancier than your old room? do you get to keep that room after you have the baby? are you doing a lot of reading right now nancy? any suggestions....? hang in there! it's almost time! you should make a paper chain to count down the days- i always did that when i was little around christmas time and for some reason it seemed to help. made things more tangible i think... :)