Sunday, August 26, 2007

Day 20 or Three Days to Go?

Which way should I look at it? I think I need to consider both. If I've been here for 20 days, I can certainly handle three more, right? I've settled into my new room, which is much smaller. It's more like a regular hospital room. The labor and delivery room I lived in for 17 days was about three times the size. However, I certainly didn't need all of that space. After I have the baby, I should be up on the postpartum floor, unless it's full. The overflow is down here by antepartum. I wouldn't be in this room, however, since it's not big enough to have one of those comfy beds, which Duncan needs in order to stay with me! So, we'll see how it all works out. Other than that, there's nothing much to report.
Thanks for your comments. And tammyo, I haven't read anything except for Harry Potter and some magazines. Concentration is pretty hard. HGTV has been another popular diversion. Although, I'm kind of sick of it. Makes me happy we don't have regular cable.


Anonymous said...

Three days to go! You have been a real trouper... and kudos to your family for helping out while you had to rest. Praise God for insurance companies too! Your little one will be able to arrive safely instead of traumatically because of the 20 days you've spent interned in the hospital. You've been so courageous and patient! Hopefully the next three days will go by quickly and soon you'll be joyful to hold Little Mr. NewBaby in your hands. (I hate IVs, you have my FULL sympathy for wearing those so long). Did you like the HP book? I thought it was a very satisfactory ending to a good series.

Thinking of you & Duncan and praying for you all.

love, chris f.

PS: I still think of the Fartwheel story now and again and it brings a smile to my face.

Sweet November said...

So if you can wait in the hospital for 23 days, I guess I can wait one more day to find out the name....uuhhh...

Sounds like you've been doing great. You've made it! Tomorrow is the day. I'll be praying for you as close to continuously as possible. I pray that God will overwhelm you with peace and that your baby will be healthy and that your body will remain intact. I'm so excited for you all to have a boy!

Love ya!

Short Stop said...


Only one more day!! I'll be thinking of you tomorrow, and praying that you have a smooth delivery! :)