Friday, January 12, 2007

Christmas Card Picture--a little too late

So this is about what we were going for around Christmas card picture time. Add some red velvet dresses or at least some church clothes, and it would have been perfect. Oh well. Maybe next year. (I do like the one we used this year, with all four of us, it's just that this is what I had originally intended.)


Anonymous said...

a very cute photo! you have some wonderful pictures on this site-- i also like the one of violet asleep that you took from the front seat of the car. good luck with the resolutions! and thanks also for the tulip explanation; i did wonder. (Am I one of the Three readers? how triune. :-)

--chris f.

Nancy said...

Chris! Thanks for commenting! Maybe with you, that makes four readers =). I loved your most recent post about "getting in gear." How I can relate in so many ways. I've been checking your site regularly and love to read about what's on your mind--and to see those sweet boys!