Wednesday, January 31, 2007

and baby makes...five

So yeah, congrats to all who took the time to figure out the Saladinci Code. I am currently in my 7th week of pregnancy, yet continue to have spotting. Duncan says he thinks I'm just leaky. Gross, I know. I had an ultrasound yesterday and saw the "flicker." You know, that teeny tiny heartbeat. Way cool. Will keep you posted.
3 children 3 and under. What a scary, yet marvelous thought! Mid-September is what we're looking at. How strange to NOT have a baby in February! I wonder what that's like...
Gotta go. A poopy diaper clearly needs to be changed. (I will put a peppermint in my mouth first. It really works in preventing the dry heaves!)


chrissie k said...

wow. it took you announcing it to make me do it. i'm sorry i didn't spend the time earlier. i could have been praying sooner for more reasons. you know, this is interesting, when i read that post, your "code" was what my heart was telling me. a prayer was offered for your innards that day! - hugs, ck

Anonymous said...

let's hear it for the flicker! rah rah!