Tuesday, January 23, 2007

On Whom Do I Rely?

I'm a mess. An absolute mess. We dropped Duncan off at the airport this noon for a four day business trip.

I wrote the above on Saturday afternoon. It is now late Monday night, no wait, it's just about Tuesday morning. Yup, the clock just changed. Duncan is scheduled to be back with us in about 31 hours. I very much look forward to having him back.
In the 6 and half years we've been married, before this trip, we'd been apart for 15 nights. Only one of those nights was after we had kids and it was when I was in the hospital after having Violet. We just don't spend time without one another. I think that's a good thing.

However, the last thing Duncan said to me, as I said my teary goodbye, was this: "Your hope is not in me. Your hope is in Jesus Christ." This truth, thrown in my face, hasn't made me miss Duncan any less, yet it has helped me focus on my hope. To top it off, I've been going through something VERY difficult and I've had to do it "by myself."

But I haven't been by myself.

My Lord has been with me and He's sent me support in many forms--loving parents who hosted the girls and I for a "snowed in slumber party" last night; a dear friend who has called on me, cared for me, eaten cake with me, and spent the night here on Saturday; neighbors and friends who call to make sure I'm not stuck in the snow when they notice my car isn't home when it should be and who host us for dinner and fellowship; friends from church inviting us for lunch after worship upon hearing Duncan was away and I was struggling...

You see, my sweet husband didn't arrange any of these things for me, but my Heavenly Father, the only One on Whom I can COMPLETELY rely, arranged these blessings for me. He knew what I'd needed and planned things perfectly.

Do I look forward to hugging my husband at 7:00am Wednesday (tomorrow!!) morning? Absolutely.

But through this trial, the Lord has grown me, stretched me and drawn me closer to Him. Praise Him!!


chrissie k said...

and our desires will be for our husbands... doesn't it ring true? many blessings sister. i'm praying...


Anonymous said...

hopefully by the time i'm writing this duncan has come home...dave went on a missions trip for 10 days the first year we were married and i seriously had some panic attacks. i'm glad to hear you had people checking up on you! enjoy your hubby!

Nancy said...

Thanks you, Chrissie and Tammy! He arrived home yesterday and all is well. And, I learned a whole lot while he was gone, to boot :-). Thanks for your encouragement and prayers, sisters.

Sweet November said...

i'm with you...martin leaves Monday morning for 4 days. This is the first time he's been on travel since Dylan was born. But God has already set up dinner plans for me on Monday with a friend from out of town. I used to be a mess when martin would leave but that was more out of fear of him dying. I still struggle with that although it has gotten better. This time I'm going to miss him AND his help/relief efforts with Dylan. I"m going to have to learn out to give Dylan a bath since that is Martin's job...:)