Thursday, January 11, 2007

Picture Extravaganza

A feast for the eyes! These are some of my favorites that we took over the holidays. For more, check out Look for a special "Christmas" category under December and notice there's a 2007 category already! (Aren't I on the ball?) And, as always, if I know you and you don't have the user name/password, please e-mail me!

Captions: Amelie and Duncan Sudokuing last Saturday morning * Duncan and his two brothers, Ian and Charles * NTP Kids' picture from Amelie's perspective * Ducky and Violet (and the ducky bells we gave her in the background) * Amelie eating a peanut butter cup for breakfast * the NTP kids picture * Birdie Grandpa and Violet * Grandpa Bob with the girls and Duncan first thing on Christmas morning (can't you tell?) * Amelie and Kathryn with their wands * at Chagrin Falls * Amelie and Duncan taking tea together (oh yeah, and still sudokuing) * Amelie's "new" doll carrier (it was mine as a kid) * Violet's fancy hair that she did all by herself (with the help of some pears) * slug * Ducky and Amelie doing the dishes

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