Monday, January 15, 2007

Birthday Reflections and Photo Essay

So now I'm 31. Sharing a birthday with MLK has had its benefits over the years. Currently, it means my husband has a three-day weekend near my birthday or, in the case of this year, he was off on my actual birthday. It was a day full of celebration with my family and it was wonderful. As I reflect on my life, I feel overwhelmed with the amount of blessing that has been poured onto me. I am so thankful for my calling as a wife and stay-at-home mom. I am so thankful for my family and friends. I am so thankful for our church family and for God leading us there more than five years ago. I am so thankful for my relationship with the Lord. I could go on and on. My hope and prayer is that this attitude of thankfulness will continue beyond this day and will permeate everything I do--that when grumbling creeps in, I will be able to remember how incredibly blessed I am.

Below are some of my favorite from today.

Amelie helps me open my present while Violet holds onto my birthday bone--a special gift from my sweet Amelie.

Which one's Ben and which one's Jerry?

Amelie and I as we enjoy an al fresco lunch in Annapolis--on MY birthday? Can't say that's ever happened before!

Violet got a kiss from Daddy during lunch.

Violet definitely enjoyed her first taste of ice cream--and she hasn't even turned one yet!

Amelie eating her first all-by-herself ice cream cone.

Grace, my treasured friend, giving me some garnet earrings.

Amelie helps me blow out my candle while Violet looks on--you're next sweet girl!


Sweet November said...

Happy (belated) Birthday Nancy....gee, it just seemed like we were celebrating your birthday a couple months ago....hmmmm....that's my lame excuse for forgetting anyway....:)Sounds like you had a great day!

chrissie k said...

Happy birthday sweet woman! I almost left you a comment yesterday after reading your blog. Especially in regards to the new birthday resolutions! I think you love having babies as much as I do... and I just need to tell you that it is such a treat to find a like-minded soul ;) I feel psycho about my feelings of already wanting another baby, although I think my husband might jump off a bridge if I vow to have another one this year.

Many blessings upon this next year of beautiful life! Reading your blog is always such an encouragement -- you need to know it. Thanks.


chrissie k said...

ps -- you will love Pandora. It's really fun! The more artists you suggest, the more you will hear recognizable music. But really, they do such a good job exposing you to new music! I love that aspect of it.

I have sent them an email suggesting that they put in "tags" to help with creating a kids station... Elizabeth Mitchell has some great music... there's tons out there... but no way to tag it!

OK, I'm rambling. Like you loads.


Anonymous said...

happy belated birthday nancy! what i want to know is, what does one do with a birthday bone?... :)

Nancy said...

Thanks, Tammy O! You tell that husband of yours the same from us! As for the birthday bone--it's NOT a dog toy, according to Amelie. It's for me and Violet to play together. Not sure what that means in terms of Amelie's opinion of her sister. Hmmm...