Thursday, January 29, 2009

New York Recap: Saturday and Sunday

On Saturday morning we slept in until 9:22! I can't tell you when I was last able to do that. It was amazing. We had breakfast in a diner and headed to Central Park. Ever wonder what 7 degrees in Central Park looks like? Here's a picture to help you get the idea.

We saw the skating rink in Central Park owned by Donald Trump. Once again, it was way too cold to even think about putting on ice skates!

Here's me with Hans Christian Anderson. See his little ugly duckling friend next to my leg?

This was when I had a tea party with Alice and her friends. (This was the photo of the e-mail post card we sent the kids on Saturday.)

After Central Park (and a quick visit in the Metropolitan Museum of Art Gift Shop to warm up and a stop at Dean and DeLuca for a quick snack) we headed down town on the subway. We got off a Wall Street right by the New York Stock Exchange.

The NYSE is right across the street from Federal Hall. This is where George Washington was inaugurated as our first president in 1789. Here's a shot of Duncan with him.

After this we walked over to the World Trade Center site. I didn't take any pictures there for a number of reasons. From there we headed over to the World Financial Center which is right next to Battery Park. We knew the plane that had landed in the Hudson was docked there, so we thought we'd try to catch a glimpse of it. Because of the number of people that had the same idea as us, the myriad of emergency personnel, and all of the rescue equipment, it wasn't possible to see anything. We did, however, get this neat view of the three places we had visited on Friday all in one shot.

After a subway ride back uptown and a rest at our hotel, we had some dinner at a yummy place in Times Square called Ruby Foo's. Then we headed back out into the cold. We walked around the M and M's store and a few other places.

At that point, we headed back to Rockefeller Center and hit up the Magnolia Bakery once more. Oh yeah. Magnolia cupcakes two nights in a row!

On Sunday, I didn't take any pictures. We woke up, grabbed a quick breakfast and then headed, on foot, to church. We decided to attend one of Redeemer Presbyterian Church's services that was held at Hunter College. It was close-ish...just 18 block up from our hotel. We got a pretty good workout to get there! To top it off, it was a warm 34 degrees, so all of the layers we dressed ourselves in were making for some pretty warm walkers!
We're glad we went. And the icing on the cake was to see one of my campus ministers from WVU and his wife sitting just four rows up from us! They live in Pittsburgh, were visiting family in New Jersey and had decided to drive in to Redeemer for worship. Pretty crazy to have seen them, especially since there were 2000 people in the worship service!

After church, we had lunch and headed home to our much-missed kiddos. They had a fabulous weekend with Bowie Grandma and Grandpa. We were thankful for the time away and even more thankful for the blessings that the Lord bestows on us each and every day.


Short Stop said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful trip! I love the pictures!

How fun to have run into your friends from WVU. We just went and visited Morgantown (where I grew up) in November. SO many memories! It was so weird having the kids there - romping around where I did as a child!

Mrs. Fix said...

Okay so when I go to NYC for a fun weekend (and because I say that the free weekend and the money to enjoy it are going to magically appear, right?), I need to get a map and plot out your days. I'm amazed at how much you were able to get in and I want to copy you!! SOunds like so much fun.

Anonymous said...

Am I allowed to say on your blog that there are WAY TO MANY layers and clothes on during that weekend? ....or is that being SASSY as John would say. LOL! Hey.......there were other campus ministers at WVU? WOW! Who knew? Do you laugh at my comments or just tolerate them? Great trip for a great couple. Didn't the kids look older when you got back. Mine always do.

Anonymous said...

How did I become Anonymous? Oh well, sort of fits in with being a mom and pastor's wife.

Lynn said...

Loved every post about this trip. You made such good use of your time there.