Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Violet-E. Turns Three!

Violet was clued in to her birthday this year. She knew it was coming, knew she was turning three and was excited about it.

Monday morning, she woke up to her presents.

She got a cool tunnel, which everyone enjoys. Mommy and Daddy like how small it folds up.

She also got a microphone. A natural, wouldn't you say?

This was her first glimpse of her Maisy cake. She loved it!

Here's the cake. I'm thankful that Maisy is a hand-drawn character and is not symmetrical. That took off some of the pressure!

Violet chose ham and French fries and strawberries for her birthday dinner. When asked who she'd like to invite, Violet chose our freighbors, William and Lucy (and their parents, of course), and Bowie Grandma and Grandpa.

Here's the happy birthday girl after blowing out her candles.

Violet continues to light up the room wherever she happens to be. We look forward to this year of three and all that it will hold for our dear Violet-E.


Megan said...

Happy Birthday to your little girl. I love how you do presents in the morning with the kids - it just sounds like a fun tradition!
Also, I meant to comment on your NYC looked like you guys had a great time and I can't believe all the stuff you saw and did. Way to make the most out of your trip! I am going to CA with my husband for a week and I am a bit freaked out about leaving for so long...
ok, i've rambled on long enough...

Annie said...

Awesome Maisie Cake!!! Aiden's birthday is coming up in a few weeks now and I KNOW I'm going to have to come up with yet another Lightning McQueen cake (for the third year in a row) Can you teach me how you do your cakes (I loved both this one and your Ariel...they look so real!) And after my past 3-D creations...I am VERY interested in a nice, (relatively) simple 2-D decoration! :)
p.s. What are you doing for Amelie's cake?

Lynn said...

Lovin' your festive new look!

Great job on the cake! It looks just like Maisy!

Happy Birthday sweet girl!